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  • Medical Equipment Management
  • Work to your own schedule
  • Maintain a clear eye on all hospital assets
  • Cloud computing
  • Keep in control, anywhere

Medical Equipment Management

The solution is a cross-enterprise real-time SaaS solution shared between medical device suppliers and healthcare providers.

The resulting shared visibility enables a collaborative system-wide optimization capability, long term budget planning, reduce equipment running costs, save time and money.

Managing and carrying out of all inventory on valuable medical equipment is hectic. Keeping track of medical supplies, equipment and furniture comes with a lot of challenges. Where a particular medical equipment is, when is a shipment due, which medical supplies are available, is all hospital equipment functional and so on are some of the issues that make medical inventory a headache.

Work to your own schedule

You can access MEDIXIR from every device \ computer. Even when on-site you can see equipment history, status and more.

Get medical equipment quotes from all \ your suppliers to lower down buying and service costs

Cloud computing gives you: Lower upfront costs, better ability to scale as you grow, better resource utilization, better disaster recovery, deferral of capital expenditures and much much more.

Maintain a clear eye on all hospital assets

Trying to locate missing equipment, keeping track of the damaged equipment and finding replacements for others can be quite hectic while managing patients and other hospital staff can be very frustrating.

Create purchases and service reports, analyze your equipment status to save money and plan ahead.

Cloud computing

You don't need to worry about buying hardware, updating sofware, backups etc...

Keep in control, anywhere

Access your information from your desk, on your mobile phone or on a tablet.

Every time you wish to check out equipment, simply scan the equipment QR code with a webcam or your mobile device. Medixir looks up the item that allows you to always have a general idea of the status of every individual asset at all times.

Works for:
  • IV pumps
  • Endoscopy equipment
  • Telemetry units
  • Electrosurgical units
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Medical furniture
  • Beds & gurneys
  • Wheelchairs

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