Company Overview

Our health-care technology management programs help reduce costs, increase quality and improve equipment performance in health-care facilities nationwide. Medixir Solutions was formed in response to the growing need for improved capabilities in clinical equipment service management. We also offer unbiased technology assessment and capital planning programs developed from first-hand experience with emerging products and procedures.

The Medixir Promise

Medixir Solutions exists to bridge the gap between reducing costs and improving quality and equipment performance. Wheither for renewing equipment or buying new, Medixir aims to reinvent the concept of Medical Equipment Management. To that end, we provide comprehensive solutions that address the complexities you face with asset and medical device management.

A Bit More...

Simply put, we know what you need because we’ve been there too. Drawing upon decades of service and experience in the health-care industry, Medixir was formed to address the shortcomings inherent with some asset and technology management firms. We believe that the solutions we offer should be as unique as your facility and made flexible to meet your individual needs.

We believe that you should be treated as a respected partner as we work together toward achieving your goals. And we believe that when you choose to let us work for you, you will see an improvement in your facility’s patient and staff experience.

Ready to kickstart your medical facility with Medixir?

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