The smart and easy way to manage your medical equipment
from anywhere, anytime

Medixir is a Medical Equipment Management software as a service based on cloud technologies.

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Why Use Medixir

The solution is a cross-enterprise real-time SaaS solution shared between medical device suppliers and healthcare providers.
The resulting shared visibility enables a collaborative system-wide optimization capability, long term budget planning, reduce equipment running costs, save time and money.

Smart Medical Equipment Management

Community based approach – questions and answers about medical equipment \ devices.

Common problems and how to solve them – minimize downtime, increase SLA.

Transparent bids on new wanted medical equipment – lowering the price.

Simple management

SAAS Cloud Powered Solution

You can access MEDIXIR from every device \ computer. Even when on-site you can see equipment history, status and more.

Lower upfront costs, better ability to scale as you grow, better resource utilization, better disaster recovery, deferral of capital expenditures and much more.

Get More From Yourself

Suppliers Management - Use the Supplier Catalog to manage contact and business details for each of your suppliers. In order to ease maintenance and track support details, you can attach each asset to the appropriate supplier.

Asset Service History - For each asset, you can view a complete list of all service calls that were opened on that asset. You can easily view both active and resolved service calls. This helps you to locate and identify recurring problems related to the asset.

Effortless Time Management

Smart and Intuitive Dashboard, Reports and BI.

Control your technicians and stay on top of the facility assets.

Create purchases and service reports, analyze your equipment status to save money and plan ahead.

Why Software As A Service (SAAS)?

Software as a Service (SaaS) allows dramatic increases IT productivity and decreases costs. SaaS offers a wide variety of benefits, including rapid deployment, global availability, and a secure data environment. This optional hosting service decreases the impact on an IT department, and eliminates delays based on departmental availability. Utilizing, security, managed support, and SaaS, companies can access a stocking strategy easily with Medixir’s web-based interface. Software-as-a-Service has proven to be a successful and lasting solution for organizations of all sizes and types.

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